How do I feedback to SmileTutor regarding my good/bad experience?


You may email us at Email for any feedback or questions that are not answered under this FAQ. For private feedback about the agency service, you may contact Rum (Founder) at +971585979772 or email him at Rum Email. We appreciate your help in providing us accurate feedback so as to improve our service and system.

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What about adding of subjects or students (e.g siblings)?


You may wish to try out one subject first and then add more subjects subsequently. Or, when starting the tuition, you may find yourself wanting to increase the frequency of lessons or to engage the same tutor for your other children. In any of these cases, please make your request through the agency in order to stay protected and keep the tutor accountable to the agency. SmileTutor is not responsible for any engagements made outside of the agency’s knowledge. Hence, tutors and tutees are expected to inform their coordinators of any added lessons or changes to the lessons schedule/subjects/tutees immediately.

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Can my tutor terminate the lessons?


For termination of lessons, tutors are expected to commit for at least the 4-weeks of tuition. If the tutor backs out of an assignment without a valid reason (e.g. illness) before completing at least 4-weeks of tuition, he/she will not be entitled to receive any tuition fees. i.e. You will only be required to pay 50% of the tuition fees (plus any applicable taxes) directly to the agency. Unfortunately, we are unable to force tutors to commit for more than 4-weeks. However, we do encourage responsible behaviour and let our tutors know that they should do their best to commit at [...]

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Will tutors postpone lessons?


SmileTutor does not encourage tutors to make frequent postponements to the lessons. However, we do encourage you to offer some degree of flexibility as tutors are also human and may fall sick or have sudden emergencies from time to time. If the tutor we assigned to you happen to make postponements more frequently than you prefer, you may wish to communicate with them and remind them to stick to the usual lesson schedule. Sometimes, a simple effort to communicate between both parties can go a long way in avoiding any disruption in lessons or last-minute discrepancies. If you face further difficulties [...]

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Can I terminate lessons if the tutor is not suitable?


You may terminate the tuition at any time after the first lesson but must inform SmileTutor at least 24 hours in advance of the next lesson and must pay for all lessons conducted. Terminations made less than 24 hours before the lesson will incur a late charge of 50% of that lesson’s total fee. Termination Procedure 1. Inform SmileTutor via a phone call to +971 585979772 (9am-8pm) at least 24 hours in advance before the next lesson 2. Pay for lessons conducted, half directly to SmileTutor and WhatsApp the receipt to our Finance Dept. at +971 585979772 3. Pay the other half directly to the tutor However, [...]

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Can I postpone lessons dates & timings?


Yes, of course. However, all postponements of lessons must be made at least 24 hours in advance of lessons, except for special cases (such as medical emergencies). For postponement of the first lesson, SmileTutor must be informed via phone call at +65 6266 4475 (Mon to Sun 9am-8pm). A confirmation SMS will be sent to you acknowledging your postponement after the call. However, if you are informing at least 48 hours in advance, an SMS made to +65 9014 4201 will suffice. Postponements of lessons after the first lesson may be made directly between tutor and tutee. Please note that failure to make a postponement [...]

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How are lessons conducted?


One of the main benefits of private tutoring is that we do not adopt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Every tutor has their unique methodology, personality, and teaching style. During the prospecting phase, our coordinators do our due diligence to find out your child’s needs in order to match the most suitable tutor. Usually, the first lesson is a ‘getting to know’ phase, where tutors will gauge your child’s interest in the subject, current level of proficiency, and spot areas of weakness. From the second lesson onwards, tutors will generally be more prepared to conduct the lessons according to the student’s learning or syllabus. [...]

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Where are lessons conducted?


The lessons will be conducted at a pre-determined location according to your preference (usually at your home). If it is not convenient to have tuition conducted at your home, you may request for the tuition to be conducted somewhere else, such as the tutors home or at a convenient public location such as libraries, cafeterias, hostels, etc. The location of the tuition lessons should be determined before the confirmation of lessons. Any change in address after lessons have started is subject to both parties approval

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Are there any binding contracts?


There are no contracts and obligations until you agree to engage our tutors. When any assignment is confirmed, there are guidelines to follow to ensure that both the student and tutor can have a smooth and rewarding experience.

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Is advance payment needed?


You do not have to make advance payments of any kind. All payments are made only after the requisite lessons have been conducted.

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