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Why engage an online tutor?

  • It is essential that your child doesn’t stop learning
  • Millions of students are already taking their lessons online
  • With free technological tools, the quality of online lessons is on-par with face-to-face lessons
  • Whizz Kids will guide you every step of the way until you start your first online lesson

We offer the best web-based mentoring program for the Global Baccalaureate (IB) educational plan. Our IB Web-based Mentoring joins top-level teachers with state-of-the-art innovation to assist understudies with prevailing in their examinations.

Our virtual mentoring meetings, which are custom fitted to meet the exceptional requirements of IB Online Tuto, give customized consideration and master help with subjects like Math, Science, Dialects, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Whether you need to further develop your test scores or get a superior comprehension of troublesome points, our talented educators are here to help.

Understudies might participate progressively talks, access concentrate on devices, and tackle practice questions utilizing our dynamic web-based stage, bringing about a seriously captivating opportunity for growth. Our flexible timetable means that students may study at their own pace, no matter their location.

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“I feel good about Whizzkids because it helps my sons to grow further in Mental Maths. Yes I am happy with the course taught at Whizzkids because my sons are learning more.I feel that the teachers in Whizzkids can connect with my kids and make them understand more about their work.Yeah I would always recommend Whizzkids to my friends and their kids so they can also get more help”.

Ms. Sadaf

“ Thank you whizz kids for the wonderful work you are doing. Your Brain O Brain program has been an asset for our boys. They have not only excelled in math but have also immensely increased their concentration span. They are finishing the level 10 of the Brain O Brain program and the results are formidable. I would highly recommend this program to every parent possible”.

Ms. Shaneela Ghafur
“Yes I am happy with the course ,coz they give enough time for the child to learn,child getting the full attention as he is in a private class.Small group , Extra time to work if its needed.Appraise and motivation from the teacher.The teachers are good and strong in teaching the skills for the child”.

Ms. Seba Odeh
“ I am very happy with Whizz Kids.It has Definitely helped my kid.He is smarter in class loves maths. Teachers are very friendly and good at work.So far so good.”

Ganesh Ghanekar

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High School 1890 Aed (20 classes) 1050 Aed (10 classes)
Exam Prep 2310 Aed (20 classes) 1315 Aed ( 10 classes)

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    Does Online Tuition Work?

    The first question parents ask when hearing about online tuition is “Is it effective for learning?”. For those who have never tried online IB Curriculum Tutoring, it’s normal to think that way. However, online tutoring is already becoming increasingly common thanks to technological advancements such as faster, cheaper and more accessible internet connectivity and a plethora of free online conferencing tools.

    Today, millions of students are already learning online GCSE, IB, CBSE curriculums Math, English, Science, Art and Chess classes in Dubai. Online learning companies such as Khan Academy or Udemy have millions of users and the companies are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. So, does online tuition work? You bet it does! It may not be the perfect solution for all students nor is it meant to completely replace face-to-face tuition, but online tuition does work well in many situations!

    Whizz Kids believes that online tuition is beneficial for:

    • Safety:
      When you don’t have to leave the house, it will naturally be safer. Online tuition doesn’t come with the same physical risks.
    • Convenience: 
      All you have to do is to switch on your device when it’s time for lesson. The convenience is unparalleled!
    • Save Travelling Time: 
      The time saved travelling is priceless. Use it to revise more, get extra rest, or do whatever you want (it’s earned time!)
    • Record Lessons:
      This is an underrated aspect of online tuition. With free softwares like Zoom, Webex, or Google Meets you can record your entire digital lesson for revision in the future.
    • Affordability: 
      Online tuition is $5-10/h cheaper than face-to-face tuition as it’s more convenient for your tutor. Our rates start at $20/h

    Our Take

    Learning never stops.

    Unlock Your Potential Now

    How Online Tuition Lessons are Conducted

    Whizz Kids recommends using Zoom, Webex, or Google Meets to conduct lessons

    Online Kids Classes

    Video conferencing & whiteboard

    Zoom, is a free-to-use video conferencing software that allows you to video call your IB Tutor Online. For a free account, you have to re-connect every 40 minutes. However, we think it’s not much of an inconvenience as it’s just a simply click to get re-connected!
    Apart from that, it comes with a virtual whiteboard, which tutors can use like a normal classroom whiteboard to write on as part of the teaching methods. All in all, with visual and audio communication, your online class will be as good as a face-to-face one. Alternatives to zoom include: Cisco’s Webex, and Google Meets.
    Moreover, our Online GCSE Tutors are attentive to your child’s exact study needs, preferences and work really hard to surpass them. It’s hard to go wrong with dedicated, patient, and committed tutors.

    Online Tutoring

    Record Your Online Lessons

    One of the biggest advantage of online tuition is that with a simply button, you can record the entire lesson (yes, it’s free on Zoom/Webex too). This means that you can run through the lesson again with your child or let them revise themselves, and play the video if they felt they are unclear on anything. Think about it as building up a library of lessons for future revision usage!
    Whizz Kids’s online tutors are experienced and professional and can definitely guide your child well in the 1-to-1 online lessons.
    If your child is struggling to cope with the tight schedule, incredibly tough scheme of work, and  unending competition, online tuition can be the most time-efficient solution!

    Why are the downsides of online tuition?

    Well, we’ve covered so many benefits of online tuition. But one thing is certain – nothing is perfect. With its plethora of benefits, online tuition also has its own shortcomings. For one, there is a lack of human touch. Some students may learn better when being coached face-to-face rather than online (it is also true vice versa). For difficult students such as those with ADHD, they may not be able to focus without a teacher in front of them. Lastly, tutors or students who are tech-savvy may require some basic guidance.

    Lack of human presence may pose for problem for some students

    Student may get distracted by their device and not concentrate as well

    Tutors or students may not be tech-savvy and may need help with the program

    What you can do to have better online tuition classes

    Whizz Kids understands parents concerns about online tuition perfectly. If you are worried about the technical aspects of setting up Zoom, Webex, or Google Meets and how to use it, our coordinators can personally guide you at a time of your convenience before your first lesson. Not only that, we made our own step-by-step guide which we can also send to you. Our tutors have been educated on how to conduct online lessons too.

    If your child is younger than 12 years old, we recommend you to sit beside them during their first lesson. This way, you can gauge how well your child is communicating and learning. Often, this is not very convenient for face-to-face lessons. But for online tuition, you can sit by discreetly!

    Lastly, you know your child best. If he/she is a special needs child, it is likely that they will benefit better from face-to-face tuition, as the teacher can better control and guide them. Otherwise, please consider giving online tuition a shot!

    How to get started with your first online lesson

    Popular Online Tuition Subjects

    • Mathethamatics

    • English

    • Science
    • Exam prep- SAT

    • Exam Prep IELTS

    We can help you get the results you need

    Getting the help you need
    As we enter a new age of technological advancements, online tuition has truly arrived and is here to stay. It may not completely replace face-to-face tutoring, but online tuition has its advantages and situations where it can be put to good use.
    We believe that parents should take a proactive approach when it comes to your child’s academics. The importance of continuous learning, with proper guidance cannot be understated. In some situations whereby face-to-face learning is not convenient – parents should be quick to adopt online tuition as a reliable alternative.
    There are many options out there – tuition centres are group-based and cannot give your child the 1-1 attention that matters the most. Face-to-face tuition is great, but can be expensive.
    In online tuition. you get the dedicated 1-1 approach while also saving money via cheaper tuition rates. If you ask us, we’ll say – give online tuition a shot!

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