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Whizz Kids offers Maths Tutors and skilled trainers for STEM activities such as Robotics , Coding & programing languages such as Python / CSS. We are passionate educators dedicated to enhancing the minds of young children aged between 4-14. Throughout our years of experience we have gained the insights that ensure that what we teach, really caters to the needs of our students. Offering a wide range of courses we address the major requirements of students in their developing years and have courses that stimulate, challenge and help kids understand the basics of mathematics, robotics and programming, art and mental arithmetic maths.

At Whizz Kids we do Math Tutoring for which we utilize a variety plethora of tools designed to make learning fun and effective. Manipulative math tools, the abacus and math drill worksheets are just a few that have found wide appeal. Our courses ensure that our students take pride in their learning and fully understand abstract math concepts and challenges which they would otherwise not be able to tackle inside the classroom.

Our four primary courses are listed below, so please take a look. To inquire about our courses please call us or visit our Contact Us page.

We are KHDA Approved!

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