Whizz Kids was established in 2012 with the mission to empower kids to achieve their full potential. We nuture our kids closely by catering to their individual needs.

Brainobrain Abacus- To enable whole brain development, we offer Brainobrain Abacus Mental Math Program, a world-renowned abacus course running successfully in over 40 countries & is a Guinness World record holder. Personality skills development is a key part of this course which enculcates focus & concentration development through mental flexibility exercises, speed building , confidence development & creative writing &speaking skills enhancement.

Ace Math course aims to enhance the deeper understanding of school age kids in Maths through rigorous worksheets, manipulatives materials & tools to enhance learning Math.

STEM course — Robotics & coding course develops programming/coding skills, engineering concepts understanding & creative skills as kids create projects using Lego Robotics Kits to develop physical robot models which they program. This develops their imagination in addition to engineering skills , logical thinking and coding skills.

Kidzart Art courses also add creative skills from a global art program.

Holiday camps offer an enjoyable range of activity bundles that kids sign up for during holidays. Kids learn various skills by doing multi-activity camps and STEM camps.

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