Online Abacus Classes for Kids

Brainobrain Abacus Classes Dubai

Whiz Kids offers Online Abacus Maths Classes for development of mental math skills of kids. Abacus online classes of Math is a program from Brainobrain , a global name in 42 countries worldwide. It is a Mental Math & personality skills development program .This program consists of 10 levels, and each level has 12-14 weeks of abacus training online classes.

Abacus Math is taught using the Abacus which is a tool to help the children to learn use VAK (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) abilities together in order to do WHOLE BRAIN MATH.

Contents of the Program:

Advanced Abacus skills development program
Mental Mathematical Skills
Brain Gym Exercises
Multi- tasking & speed building exercises
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Concentration & Memory Power
Language Skills
Story Telling & Creative art
Group Discussion

Benefits of Abacus Math

personality & confidence development

Mental math skills are significantly upgraded

Concentration & memory power enhanced