Abacus Classes for Kids

Brainobrain Abacus Classes Dubai

Whiz Kids offers face to face and Online Abacus Math’s Classes for development of mental math skills of kids. Abacus online classes of Math is a program from Brainobrain , a global name in 42 countries worldwide. It is a Mental Math & personality skills development program .This program consists of 10 levels, and each level has 12-14 weeks of abacus training online classes.

Abacus Math is taught using the Abacus which is a tool to help the children to learn use VAK (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) abilities together in order to do WHOLE BRAIN MATH.

Contents of the Program:

Advanced Abacus skills development program
Mental Mathematical Skills
Brain Gym Exercises
Multi- tasking & speed building exercises
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Concentration & Memory Power
Language Skills
Story Telling & Creative art
Group Discussion

Benefits of Abacus Math

personality & confidence development

Mental math skills are significantly upgraded

Concentration & memory power enhanced

Welcome to the Brainobrain Abacus Mental Math program, where you may enroll your child in fun online abacus classes to help them develop their mental math abilities. While assisting students aged 5 to 14 in excelling in math, our simple teaching strategies seek to enhance general cognitive capacities.

Your youngster can improve their calculation speed, accuracy, and focus using the online Brainobrain mental maths abacus program. To enable each student to progress at their own pace, our knowledgeable instructors are adept at providing them with individualized attention.

We value accessibility in education, thus, our abacus classes online fees are reasonable and competitive. Give your child the opportunity to practice mental calculations with an abacus in the comfort of your home so they may build a strong mathematical foundation for future success.

Enroll your youngster in our online Brainobrain Abacus Mental Math program right away to see them unleash their mathematical prowess.