“I feel good about Whizzkids because it helps my sons to grow further in Maths and English.Yes I am happy with the course taught at Whizzkids because my sons are learning more.I feel that the teachers in Whizzkids can connect with my kids and make them understand more about their work.Yeah I would always recommend Whizzkids to my friends and their kids so they can also get more help”.

Rafay ( 11 yrs.)
Rayan ( 7 yrs)

Ms. Sadaf

“Raya is my second child at this program with the same branch, so I am encouraging every parents to enroll their kids so they can see the improvement as:”

Self Confidence increased
Logical skills and thinking
Quick memorization and strong photographic memory
Willing and happy to learn since the child found this mental development is different than the group in the school.
Child become so proud of himself after receiving the appraisal from teacher,school,home.
Concentration points more in one time,excellent memory.

“Yes I am happy with the course ,coz they give enough time for the child to learn,child getting the full attention as he is in a private class.Small group , Extra time to work if its needed.Appraise and motivation from the teacher.The teachers are good and strong in teaching the skills for the child.”

“My Daughter Maya is finishing now level 10,Raya level 3.Teacher has a long breath in teaching and they are not changed through the levels and that making the child feeling happy and secure,bonding,trusting them more coz they love the teacher.They are orienting and teaching one of parents to know and help the child,which I didn’t found this in other in the same field. Strongly I recommend them.Always keep telling my friend to try it coz its worthy and telling parents that they have to believe in this and wait until gettingthe results,need commitment through few years.But it’s the best invesment in the child to have later”.

Maya (10 yrs)
Raya ( 6 yrs )

Ms.Seba Odeh

“ Thank you whizz kids for the wonderful work you are doing. Your Brain O Brain program has been an asset for our boys. They have not only excelled in math but have also immensely increased their concentration span. They are finishing the level 10 of the Brain O Brain program and the results are formidable. I would highly recommend this program to every parent possible”.

-How do you feel about the programs at Whizz Kids.
Don’t know anything else other than brain o brain.

-Are you happy with the course taught at Whizz Kids.
Please state feedback in your words.
Yes yes, very happy. Refer to the tutorial above.

-How do you feel about the teachers at Whizz Kids
I think they are above average.

-Would you recommend Whizz Kids to your friends?

Adam ( 11 yrs)

Ms.Shaneela Ghafur

“ I am very happy with Whizz Kids.It has Definitely helped my kid.He is smarter in class loves maths. Teachers are very friendly and good at work.So far so good.”

Akshaj ( 8 yrs )

Ganesh Ghanekar

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