You may terminate the tuition at any time after the first lesson but must inform SmileTutor at least 24 hours in advance of the next lesson and must pay for all lessons conducted. Terminations made less than 24 hours before the lesson will incur a late charge of 50% of that lesson’s total fee.

Termination Procedure

1. Inform SmileTutor via a phone call to +971 585979772 (9am-8pm) at least 24 hours in advance before the next lesson

2. Pay for lessons conducted, half directly to SmileTutor and WhatsApp the receipt to our Finance Dept. at +971 585979772

3. Pay the other half directly to the tutor

However, note that once you have confirmed the assignment to book the tutor in quote, there is a binding contract tocomplete one full lesson and you may only request a change of tutor or terminate the tuition only after that 1st lesson. If you decide to change your mind before the 1st lesson even commenced, the fee for the unfinished first lesson may be charged as an administrative fee.