How do I pay for lessons?


In general, the agency commission charged to the tutor is 2-weeks of active lessons. Payment of the agency commission will be made directly to SmileTutor after the completion of a certain number of lessons whereby the lesson fees equal or exceed the agency commission amount. After you may paid the agency commission, you may pay the tutor directly for subsequent lessons in any method preferred by both parties Do take note that our services are completely free for you. By paying directly to SmileTutor, you are merely helping us to facilitate the collection process of the agency commission from the tutor. There are no [...]

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Do I have to pay any commission fees?


Our services are free-of-charge for parents and students. You are only required to pay for lessons conducted. There will be an agency commission fee charged on the tutors (not on you). A portion of the total lesson fees usually in the first four weeks of lessons will be allocated to SmileTutor as the agency commission. This is deducted directly from the tutor’s fees, so you do not pay anything extra. However, there is a 7% GST imposed on the agency commission. For example, if you engage a tutor for $50 per class for once a week, the agency commission will be $100. Hence, [...]

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Why do tutors charge different prices?


SmileTutor does not dictate tuition rates. Each tutor sets their own prices depending on their qualifications, experience, and many other factors such as student’s level, location, timing etc. However, when arranging the tuition for you, our experienced coordinators will ensure that the rates are fair and within market rates. We also conduct negotiation when required to try to reduce lessons fees in order to fit within your budget when necessary. You may view the latest tuition rates here.

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Can I trust the tutors provided by SmileTutor?


In 2019, we introduced Quality Score™ which is our proprietary system that grades over 30,000 tutors based on multiple factors such as profile completeness, recent job acceptance, track records, parent reviews, and more. With this system, we are able to ensure that parents & students are constantly matched with the cream of the crop tutors in Singapore. Since we have introduced this system, the quality of our tutors have improved and our numbers of compliments had increased tremendously. SmileTutor treats the credibility of our tutor profiles very seriously. All suspicious tutor applications or profiles with missing information are immediately investigated and blacklisted. For tutees who wish to [...]

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Can I request for a specific tutor?


Sure, if you have any tutors in mind, feel free to give us a call at +971 585979772 and let us know the information of the tutor you are looking for. As we have the most extensive database in Singapore, we may be able to find the tutor you are looking for. Alternatively, you may view some of our latest available tutors at our ‘View Tutors’ page. From this page you can do some DIY sourcing and indicate your interestdirectly there. However, do note that the availability of the tutor may not be guaranteed. Our Coordinators will be swift to advice you on the [...]

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How are the tutors assigned to me?


After making a request via our online platforms (Website, Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp) or via the phone hotline (+971 585979772), our Tuition Coordinators will determine the best available tutor based on your stated preferences and will send you recommendations via SMS. You can then ask any questions, request to speak with the tutor via conference call, ask for another recommendation or simply confirm the tutor. If you are uncomfortable with any details regarding the newly assigned tutor, you can always request for a different tutor. Our Coordinators will ensure that both parties agree on the lesson details and pricing before confirming the lessons. [...]

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What are the types of tutors available?


To simplify things, we group our tutors into three main tutor categories: - Part-Time Tutors – refers to private tutors who doing it part-time. Most of the tutors here are still schooling: A-level graduates, Diploma students/graduates, or Undergraduates. To a lesser extent, there are also University graduates and working professionals offering tuition part-time and they fall under this category. Part-time tutors are the cheapest option for home tuition in Singapore. - Full-Time Tutors – refers to full-time private tutors who teach as a profession. Full-time tutors may/may not be university graduates but often have significantly more teaching experiences than part-time tutors as they tutor lots of students 1-to-1 as [...]

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How do I request for a tutor?


Our slogan is “Efficient, effective, and easy” – our goal is to make your process of finding the perfect home tutor for your child as simple and painless as possible. There are many avenues for you to request for a tutor with us and it takes less than 2 minutes to do so. The avenues as listed below: - Phone Call: +971 585979772 (Mon to Sun 9am-8pm) - Website: whizzkidsae.com - WhatsApp: +971 585979772 (click for shortcut) You can also send us a quick email through our contact form at the bottom of the page. Once we have received your [...]

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