Art class : KidzArt


KidzArt, an enrichment program for kids of all ages, lets children discover various artistic styles and techniques using a variety of mediums such as water colors,
high quality art markers, colored pencils etc.

KidzArt is an North American Drawing based, multi media Art Program. At KidzArt we believe Art can be created by anyone.Over the last 18 years, we have provided children of all ages with inspiring drawing lessons and Art Projects.

KidzArt was developed as fun Program to help children to be creative thinkers and problem solvers. KidzArt is NOT limited for ‘ARTISTIC’ children. Our classes are designed to reach every child from Picassos-in-training to the children who never thought they could draw. After participating in KidzArt, confidence grows and skills develop that carry over into other areas of study.

The curriculum is evolving, age appropriate and never repeated. Our dynamic classes, workshops and camps grow with our students year after year.


The benefits of this exploration, touches all aspect’s of a child’s life..

Kids will:

  1. Builds self-confidence
  2. Learn patience
  3. Become creative problem solver
  4. Learn how to overcome obstacles
  5. Develop Focused attention
  6. Art lets you experiment
  7. Art lets you show the world what you’re feeling


Duration of session : 1.5 hours

Days : Sundays 4.30-6 pm   ;  Wednesdays 4.30-6 pm  (Call for further details)

Location : JBR , Sadaf 7,  P 16