School has ended, but that doesn’t mean kids learning should! Winter vacation provides an opportunity for kids to further explore topics of interest, such as those in STEM field.                                                   

So are you ready for your child’s creativity to soar?
This Summer children (aged 5 to 14) will have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math based disciplines based on STEM for kids learning program.



The primary objective of STEM Camp is to empower children by giving them a comprehensive understanding of STEM concepts.

Our STEM camp is divided into two groups:
• STEM Camp Juniors (aged 5 to 8 yrs. old)
• STEM Camp Rockers (aged 8+ to 14 yrs. old)

Our STEM Summer Camp includes the following activities:
• Computer programming
• Engineering concept
• Robotics
• Science Experiments
• Mathematical concepts

Each group will have three lessons each day; lesson 1 will be based on technology/robotics concept, lesson 2 will be based on science concept and lesson 3 will be doing hands on practice on mathematical concepts.Lessons will be based according to kids’ age and grade.

STEM Camp Juniors will have technology lessons based on scratch programming and Lego robotics whereas Rockers will have technology lessons based on scratch programming , Lego and Mbot robotics. Science and math lessons will be according to standards typically taught in school.

Some of these lessons are like:
In technology: creating wind mill, animations, robotic finger, rovers, games, and many more.
In Science: making slime, solar oven, human heart working, balloon powered car, and many more.
In math: hands on practice on numbers, fraction, measurement, geometry and all basic mathematical concepts taught in school.


AED 650 / week

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