Robotics – Lego WeDo 2.0 Robotics

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Engage your child in the world of creativity and science exploration
Lego’s WEDo 2.0 Robotics Teaches Science and Enginering to Elementary School Students..

The primary objective of WeDo2.0 is to empower children by giving them a comprehensive understanding of programming and computing.

WeDo 2.0 is meant to introduce students to robotics,engineering and programming,but its also meant as a tool for teaching STEM in general. It helps your child to built a mini version of science projects that are used in everyday life.
  Apart from lego bricks,it includes a Bluetooth Low Energy based hub that connects to a motor, as well as motion and tilt sensors that are all parts of new Lego version (WeDo 2.0).
WeDo 2.0 lesons are built on the key science standards typically taught in elementary school. Some of these are basic engineering project like building truck for a lesson on recycling, and more advance life science project like showing metamorphosis process of a frog.

for Age 5+

Course duration: 12 classes


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