Robotics : M-Bot

M-Bot Robotics

HIGHER Level Program – MBOT Programing


M-Bot is believed to be the best educational robot in the market for the purpose of learning beginning electronics and programming. Through this robot , students will get hands-on-experience about graphical
programming, electronics, sensors integration and autonomous robotics.This robot is designed specifically for all the STEM learning objectives.
• The students will be introduced to the world of programming with a smart
drag and drop tool called Scratch.
• Using the same tool, the mBot is programmed to perform different
actions like Obstacle avoidance, Edge avoidance, Line following and
much more.
Duration     :  12 hours
Age Group  :  8 years & above

Registrations are on, please feel free to give us a call/whats-app at 0551355746 /7, for any further inquiry or registration.

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