Mbot- Robotics Extension

M-Bot Robotics Extension

A high level challenging programming for curious explorers.


Mbot-Robotics Extension course comes with all new and composite engineering robots and programming.It consist of new electronic modules like interactive light and sound module,which is use for making robots works on light and sound intensities of the environment.


It also consist of more machinery parts to make massive robots, which gives full control over detailed engineering,programming and knowledge about sensors, electronic modules and machinery parts being used in recent technologies.


Apart from engineering and programming robots, this course also includes learning scratch animation programming, which helps your child to create their own animation story and interactive games. 

This Mbot extension course will help your child to understand better about new technologies, that we use and see in our day to day life and will help your child to explore more with fun.

Registrations are on, please feel free to give us a call/whats app @ 05513557476 / 7 or write us at whizzkidsjbr@gmail.com , for any further inquiry or registration.

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